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Master Trust

Proposed changes to your IMI pension arrangements

FAQs were last updated on 29 July

What is the proposal?

We are proposing to move members' pensions built up in the RSP into a Master Trust arrangement.

But before anything changes, IMI needs to consult with active members and eligible employees

Find out more about Master Trusts

Summary of the proposed changes

If the proposed changes go ahead, the Trustee also intends to transfer existing members' into the proposed Master Trust arrangement.

Find out more about the proposed Master Trust arrangement

What is the timing of consultation?

14 July 2020

Consultation period starts

Use this website to find out about the proposal. If you are an active member or an employee eligible to join the RSP, you can give your feedback on the proposal.

IMI and the RSP Trustee will regularly check and consider feedback during consultation, and we will update the frequently asked questions

11 September 2020

Consultation period ends

IMI and the RSP Trustee will review all feedback and decide whether or not to go ahead with the proposed change. Affected members will receive a letter to confirm the decision and let you know what will happen next.

October 2020

If the change goes ahead, your pension contributions would start to go into the Master Trust from October 2020.

What do I have to do?

The consultation is your opportunity to find out what the proposal would mean for you and provide your feedback. You do not have to do anything unless you’d like to provide feedback on the proposal as part of the consultation process.

Find out how to provide your comments on the Feedback page.

Provide feedback

What happens now?

The consultation period will run until 11 September 2020. If you are an active member or an employee eligible to join, you can read about the proposal on this website and provide any feedback before this date, if you wish.

IMI will review all the feedback submitted both during and after the close of consultation and decide whether the proposal will go ahead. We’ll contact you later in the year to let you know the decision.

You do not have to do anything, unless you’d like to provide feedback on the proposal. If the proposal goes ahead, we’ll be in touch with affected members with more information.

Provide feedback

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